Serving The Regions Of Kawartha Lakes – Durham – York – Peel – Simcoe and Peterborough County.

Serving The Regions Of Kawartha Lakes – Durham – York – Peel – Simcoe and Peterborough County.


Needing To Prepare Your Site For A New Septic System? It's Always Best To Use The Professional Services of Sibbald Construction
We Pride Ourselves On Professionalism & Quality Work. Delivering On Time And On Budget, With 3o Years Experience To Back Us Up
We Have The Necessary Equipment
And Crew For Any Job.

Tell Us About Your Excavation, Grading and Site Servicing Needs


What we provide:

  • Lot clearing

  • Installation of driveways and rough preparation of work site.

  • Foundation excavation and backfill

  • Finish grading of driveways and swales.

  • Landscape Grading

  • Parking lot excavation and stone placement

We specialize in:

  • Residential lot & site servicing

Why choose us?

With decades of experience and a passion for this business, we take a lot of pride in our work. Sibbald Construction always strives to provide excellence in service and a commitment to quality to both the client and the project at hand. In our residential and civil industry, safety is our top priority, along with a steadfast dedication to ensure each project meets both deadline and budget.

  • Planning is Key.  Experienced in the field, we take a planned and coordinated approach for a smooth excavation procedure.

  • Safety First. We take safety seriously, excavation work entails using large and high-powered machines requiring safety measures within the building safety codes. Work is monitored during operation and our machine operators are highly trained and experienced.

  • Environmentally Responsible. We make sure to clean up in an environmentally responsible way. Waste is properly segregated and disposed of to certified waste-recycling facilities.